Preserving the environment
and your business


CHEP is focused on continuously improving
and developing more efficient, safer and
environmentally sustainable supply chains..

CHEP is focused on building a sustainable business that serves our
customers, employees and stakeholders, as well as the communities in
which we operate. The CHEP sustainability framework’s simple
structure is built around three focus areas:.


Better Business

Sustainable practices and commercial success go hand-in-hand. We therefore provide safe, efficient and sustainable solutions for our customers’ supply chains, based on the circular economy of ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’ of resources.

CHEP provides reusable pallets, crates and containers that we pool through our customers, in a circular model. Because our reusable products are shared, we go beyond the linear model of ‘take, make and dispose” Pooling, by its very nature, shares resources and is inherently a sustainable business model.


Better Planet

We minimise our impact on the environment, by taking a continuous
improvement approach in our everyday activities and throughout our own
supply chains.


Better Communities

We have many opportunities to contribute positively to the communities in
which we work, both as a corporation and as individual employees.

“Making a positive contribution to the communities we operate in and driving sustainability in the global supply chains we serve”

CHEP adheres to the Brambles Code of Conduct.

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